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Time for a deep dive into ingredients list and formula with a brand I’m currently really loving for perfected, calm, clear skin. I love a deep dive into an ingredients list, the most interesting finding was how AMAZING and caring the combination of ingredients are in ALL of these products…

🔹Deep Gentle Cleanser

▫️A creamy cleansing fluid - with a lotion texture

▫️Zea Mays Germ Oil - or Corn Germ Oil. An occlusive moisturiser and skin conditioner - creating a physical barrier to moisture loss and preventing irritation

▫️Lactic Acid, an Alpha Hydroxy Acid derived originally from milk (but sometimes synthetically produced for stability). It’s a liquid surface exfoliator breaking down the bonds between dead skin cells, helping them to shed and reveal a fresher complexion, helping with uneven skin tone and clarity. LA is also better for hydration than other AHA’s.

🔹 Active Exfoliant 7%

▫️A gentle liquid exfoliant with AHAs. It self-neutralises after 15 minutes and has a pH level of 3.5 - ever so slightly below the skins natural range of 4-5.5, so pretty gentle!

▫️Glycolic Acid - the most researched AHA

▫️Lactic Acid - see above!

▫️Citric Acid - derived from citrus

▫️Malic Acid - derived from apple 

▫️Tantaric Acid - currently being researched as to its ability to mimic the skins own ceramides (fat chains for water retention)

▫️To keep skin calm after we also have Glycyrrhetic acid (liquorice derived) chamomile extract and bisabolol (chamomile derived but brightening as well as soothing)

🔹Hydro Foam Mask

▫️A lightweight foam mask. Leave on for 15 minutes or leave on overnight for an extra punch of hydration

▫️Silk protein restores moisture and helps to plump fine lines

▫️Shea Oleine, Hyaluronic Acid and Jojoba Oil all serve to hydrate

For more information, head over to @qmsmedicosmetics 

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