Bridal By Naomi

Chatting brows and lashes, with Tweezerman

A little while ago I teamed up with the fabulous Tweezerman purveyors of the finest beauty tools for over 35 years, to chat about my favourite tools!

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I shared with them some of my pro-tips on looking after your brows whilst we may be unable to attend our regular appointments. Whilst beauty is now back (on the whole) it’s not quite the same as when we could run in for a last minute appointment… how free we all were, we miss you beauty!

Keep scrolling to the end to see some tips on how to get the BEST possible curl for your lashes using my fave Tweezerman curlers.

I hope you enjoy!


Skincare Solutions - Get the GLOW

Skincare Skincare Skincare!

Time for a deep dive into ingredients list and formula with a brand I’m currently really loving for perfected, calm, clear skin. I love a deep dive into an ingredients list, the most interesting finding was how AMAZING and caring the combination of ingredients are in ALL of these products…

🔹Deep Gentle Cleanser

▫️A creamy cleansing fluid - with a lotion texture

▫️Zea Mays Germ Oil - or Corn Germ Oil. An occlusive moisturiser and skin conditioner - creating a physical barrier to moisture loss and preventing irritation

▫️Lactic Acid, an Alpha Hydroxy Acid derived originally from milk (but sometimes synthetically produced for stability). It’s a liquid surface exfoliator breaking down the bonds between dead skin cells, helping them to shed and reveal a fresher complexion, helping with uneven skin tone and clarity. LA is also better for hydration than other AHA’s.

🔹 Active Exfoliant 7%

▫️A gentle liquid exfoliant with AHAs. It self-neutralises after 15 minutes and has a pH level of 3.5 - ever so slightly below the skins natural range of 4-5.5, so pretty gentle!

▫️Glycolic Acid - the most researched AHA

▫️Lactic Acid - see above!

▫️Citric Acid - derived from citrus

▫️Malic Acid - derived from apple 

▫️Tantaric Acid - currently being researched as to its ability to mimic the skins own ceramides (fat chains for water retention)

▫️To keep skin calm after we also have Glycyrrhetic acid (liquorice derived) chamomile extract and bisabolol (chamomile derived but brightening as well as soothing)

🔹Hydro Foam Mask

▫️A lightweight foam mask. Leave on for 15 minutes or leave on overnight for an extra punch of hydration

▫️Silk protein restores moisture and helps to plump fine lines

▫️Shea Oleine, Hyaluronic Acid and Jojoba Oil all serve to hydrate

For more information, head over to @qmsmedicosmetics 

Victoria & James

It’s always lovely to have a reminder of a gorgeous day working with one of your fabulous clients!

Thank you to Boho Weddings for the shout out - click here to see this beautiful wedding and have a little read about it!

Makeup Details: It was a hot June day so we used a light tinted < moisturiser from Pur Cosmetics > a 4-in-1 formula to prime, hydrate, tint and protect (spf 20!) with powder from the same brand. We kept the overall look light and fresh with a gentle smokey eye, working around heather and mauve tones - a favourite colour of Vikki.

There’s nothing better than being able to create a look that really feels like ‘you’.


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